Gazpacho* 7.85€

Soup 7.50€

Vegetable minestrone

Fish Soup 7.60€

Tomatoes, onion and Tuna salad 7.95€

Avocado salad 10.10€

lettuce, carrots, avocado, raisin, corn, nuts and “vinagreta” sauce

Chicken salad 10.15€

lettuce, pineapple, chicken, corn and cocktail sauce

Rucola salad 9.95€

rucola, tomato, olives, anchovies and parmesan

Caprese salad* 10.65€

tomatoe and mozzarella

Tramontana salad 10.00€

lettuce, bacon, parmesan, egg, carrots, “vinagreta” sauce

Spinach salad 10.40€

spinach, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts and vinaigrette of Modena

Tricolore salad* 11.15€

tomatoe, avocado and mozzarella

Ham with melon 14.90€

Serrano ham with tomatoe bread 15.50€

Mozzarella with Parma ham 13.15€

Selection of Salads 12.70€

Anchovies of Cadaques 10.85€

Capricciosa salad 10.20€

lettuce, carrots, tuna, mozzarella, tomatoe, olives, anchovies and capers and vinaigrette of Modena

Nordic salad 10.10€

with salmon, rucola, mozzarella, nuts & dill vinaigrette

Fried zucchini 6.95€

Baked Provolone 8.55€

Millefeuille of aubergine and goat cheese 9.90€

Parmigiana di melanzane* 10.60€


ingredients from Italy
Supplement ingredient: 0,90 €

Caprese* 10.95€

tomatoe, garlic, oregon

Margarita* 12.05€

tomatoe, mozzarella

Funghi* 12.95€

tomatoe, mozzarella, mushrooms

Cadaqués* 12.95€

tomatoe, mozzarella, olives

Rucola* 13.15€

tomatoe, mozzarella, rucola, fresh tomatoe slices

Cipolla* 13.05€

tomatoe, mozzarella, onion

Prosciutto* 13.05€

tomatoe, mozzarella, ham

Prosciutto e Funghi 13.25€

tomatoe, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms

La Gritta* 12.55€

tomatoe, mozzarella, fresh tomatoe slices

Salami 13.10€

tomatoe, mozzarella, salami

Spinaci* 13.15€

tomatoe, mozzarella, spinach, parmesan

Würster 13.10€

tomatoe, mozzarella, würster

Roquefort* 13.10€

tomatoe, mozzarella, roquefort cheese

Bacon 13.15€

tomatoe, mozzarella, bacon

Napoli 13.15€

tomatoe, mozzarella,anchovies, olives

Bacon blanca 13.15€

mozzarella, cream, bacon

Mario 13.15€

tomatoe, mozzarella, ham, egg

Diabólica 13.15€

tomatoe, mozzarella, peperoni

Tropicana 13.35€

tomatoe, mozzarella, ham, pineapple

Menorca 13.20€

tomatoe, mozzarella, “sobrasada”

Americana 13.25€

tomatoe, mozzarella, bacon, egg

Carletto 13.75€

tomatoe, mozzarella, onions, olives, tuna

4 Stagioni 14.15€

tomatoe, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, artichokes, olives

Bolognesa 13.10€

tomatoe, mozzarella, bolognese sauce

4 Formaggi* 13.10€

tomatoe, mozzarella, danish, parmesan, roquefort

Gorgonzola* 13.20€

tomatoe, mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, nuts

Calzone 14.75€

folded pizza with tomatoe, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, parmesan

Vegetariana* 13.55€

tomatoe, mozzarella, mushrooms, onion, zucchini

Salmón 13.55€

(tomatoe, mozzarella, salmon, capers

Del mar 15.35€

tomatoe, mozzarella, garlic, seafood

Capricciosa 14.25€

tomatoe, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, anchovies, pepper

Rusticana* 13.20€

tomatoe, mozzarella, eggplant, goat cheese

Salami picante y Provolone 13.25€

tomatoe, mozzarella, spicy salami, provolone

Le corna di Silvio 15.50€

folded pizza with tomatoe, mozzarella, Parma ham, rucola, parmesan

Parma 14.20€

tomatoe, mozzarella, rucola, Parma ham & parmesan cheese

Calzone Vegetal* 12.55€

folded pizza, with mozzarella, parmesan cheese, pepper, onions & zucchini

Barbacoa 15.50€

with minced meat, chicken, bacon & BBQ sauce

Ibérica 16.35€

tomatoe, mozzarella & “ibérico” ham


Spaghetti with garlic, oil & chilis* 10.10€

Spaghetti 4 cheeses* 10.80€

Spaghetti Carbonara 11.30€

Spaghetti Vongole 14.85€

fresh clams

Linguine al Pesto* 10.90€

Spaghetti Frutti di Mare 14.95€

Tagliatelle Bolognese 11.20€

Tagliatelle 4 cheeses* 11.00€

Rigatoni tomatoe & basil* 12.20€

Rigatoni alla Norma* 12.05€

Spaghetti amatriciana 12.50€

with bacon, onions and tomatoe

Papardelle ai Funghi Porcini 13.35€

Stuffed pasta

Panzerotti ai Funghi* 12.75€

Ravioli Bolognese 12.95€

Ravioli Gorgonzola e Pera* 13.40€

Tortelloni La Gritta* 12.90€

Scrigni di Burrata 13.80€

Panciotti Melanzana e Scamorza* 13.75€

Lasagna 12.00€


Roast chicken 10.70€

Chicken escalope 11.75€

Milanese escalope (veal) 13.85€

Napolitan escalope (veal) 14.25€

Carpaccio 15.35€

Chicken breasts with sage 11.45€

Lamb chops 14.55€

Sirloin Steak 19.05€

Sirloin in Gorgonzola 20.45€

Sirloin in anchovies sauce 19.05€

Escalope in Marsala (wine sauce) 15.95€

Lamb (kid) chops a la Milanese 16.30€


Mussels 10.75€

Breaded Sardines 10.35€

Grilled Sardines 10.25€

Squid a la Romana 11.15€

Grilled Squid 11.15€

Grilled Shrimp 17.55€

Grilled Gilthead 17.95€

Grilled sea bass 19.60€


For children under 12 years old.

Chicken escalope or Hamburguer or Macaroni bolognese or Small pizza. 1 drink. Ice-cream or yogurt. 8.95€

* Vegetarian food